Parallelle sesjoner

Program parallelle sesjoner

Torsdag 9 .juni klokken 13.00-14.30

Theme 1: Consumer and Brand Conscientiousness  Agnar Sandmo Auditorium. Chair: Lars Erling Olsen
What will buyers pay for clean conscience? The effect of social responsible investments on buyers’ choice of pension funds – an exploratory approachHarald Biong, BIRagnhild Silkoset, BI
Conscientious brand criteria: A framework and a case exampleLars Erling Olsen, MarkedshøyskolenAdrian Peretz, Markedshøyskolen
Giving to charity projects: The effect of identificationMaren Bachke, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskapFrode Alfnes, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskapMette Wik, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap
Theme 2: Consumer BehaviorTerje Hansen Auditorium. Chair: Einar Breivik
Cognitive, Emotional, and Socio-Cultural Processes in ConsumptionChunyan Xie,  Høgskolen Stord/HaugesundRichard P. Bagozzi, University of MichiganJens Østli, Nofima Marked
Rethinking the Schema-Incongruity Effect in Consumer JudgmentsEven J. Lanseng, BI
Should I buy? What should I buy? – Norwegian attitudes, perceptions, heating investment decision and choicesShuling Lillemo,  Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskapFrode Alfnes, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap

Torsdag 9.juni klokken 14.45-15.45

Theme 3: Responsible consumers and producersAgnar Sandmo Auditorium. Chair: Adrian Peretz
Consumer preferences for organic and welfare labeled meat: A natural field experiment conducted in a high-class restaurantAlexander Schjøll, Statens institutt for forbruksforskning og Universitet for miljø- og biovitenskapFrode Alfnes, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap
Consumer awareness and attitudes toward quality assurance schemes for environmental responsible fisheries and aquacultureXianwen Chen, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskapFrode Alfnes, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskapKyrre Richertsen, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap
Theme 4: Self-Brand Identification  Terje Hansen Auditorium. Chair: Bendik Samuelsen
Consumers’ Reactions to Identity Threat: The Effects of Self-Brand Connection and Brand Identity Change in Brand AcquisitionsTarje Gaustad, BIBendik Samuelsen, BILuk Warlop, Catholic University of Leuven
The impact of reputation and organizational identification on employer brand attractiveness: An approach based on social identity theoryChunyan Xie,  Høgskolen Stord/HaugesundRichard P. Bagozzi, University of MichiganKjersti Meland, Polytec
Theme 5: True and False Theories and -RelationshipsFinn Kydland Auditorium. Chair: Sigurd Troye
Applying Hunt (1976) on Hunt’s concept of true and false theoriesSigurd Troye, NHH
Satisfaction – Commitment = .7? An autoregressive approach to the satisfaction – commitment – intention relationship Roy D. Howell, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech UniversityEinar Breivik, NHH

Fredag 10.juni klokken 10.15-11.45

Theme 6: International MarketingAgnar Sandmo Auditorium. Chair: Magne Supphellen
Cultural embeddedness of Products (CEP) – A New Measurement of Culture in Consumer BehaviourAlexander Jakubanecs, SNFMagne Supphellen, NHH
Are born globals really born globals? The case of academic spin offs with long development periodsInger Beate Pettersen, BIAnita E. Tobiassen, BI
Untangling Russian business culture: two cases of buyer behaviourCarl Arthur Solberg, BICatherine Ablerdu, Hewlett Packard, Wroclaw, PolandAlexandra Eliseeva, Jotun Group, Sandefjord
Theme 7: Firm PerformanceTerje Hansen Auditorium. Chair: Kåre Sandvik
Does market orientation improve firm performance?Aksel Rokkan, NHHNils M. Larsen, Høgskolen i Harstad
The Longitudinal Effects of New Product Development Process Proficiency on Business PerformanceKåre Sandvik, HiBuIzabela L. Sandvik, HiBu
Understanding value co-creation within the service systemBård Tronvoll, Høyskolen i Hedmark
Theme 8: Designing the Brand Experience and Marketing MixFinn Kydland Auditorium. Chair: Siv Skard
Effects of brand experience: Looking into the unique effects of brand experience dimensionsHerbjørn Nysveen, NHHPer E. Pedersen, NHHSiv Skard, NHH
Evaluating Store Location and Assortment Design Based on Spatial Heterogeneity in Sales PotentialAuke Hunneman, BITammo H.A. Bijmolt, University of GroningenJ. Paul Elhorst, University of Groningen
Why are consumers less loss averse in internal than external reference prices?Rutger van Oest, BI

Fredag 10.juni klokken 12.00-13.00

Theme 9: Marketing CommunicationAgnar Sandmo Auditorium. Chair: Helge Thorbjørnsen
Leveraging Social Sponsorships: Choosing the Right Communication ChannelSiv Skard, NHHHelge Thorbjørnsen, NHH
The Good, The Bad and The Brand:Fictional Characters, Product Placements and Image Transfer Aleksander Sivertsen, NHH
Theme 10: Tourism ManagementTerje Hansen Auditorium. Chair: Sven A. Haugland
 Destination Brand Management: An assessment at a firm level of analysisJarle Aarstad, Høgskolen i BergenHåvard Ness, Høgskolen i BuskerudSven A. Haugland, NHH
Collaborative strategies; Use and Effects of Interorganizatonal Mechanisms in TourismBjørn Ove Grønseth, Høgskolen i BuskerudSven A. Haugland, NHHHåvard Ness, Høgskolen i BuskerudJarle Aarstad, Høgskolen i Bergen


Johan Arndt Conference, NHH, June 11-12, 2015


  Thursday, June 11th
9.45-10.00Welcome by the JA Committee 2015:NHH-Professors Leif Hem, Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe, and Sigurd Troye
 10.00-10.45Key note speaker

Markus Giesler“Responsible Consumers
Professor Markus Giesler,
Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto
Giesler’s website:

Markus Giesler’s work focus on market system dynamics and design, and has been published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Marketing, and profiled by, among others, the New York Times, Time Magazine, Financial Times, Fast Company, and Marketing Magazine. His weekly marketing column appears at the Huffington Post.
10.45-11.00 Refreshment break
Professor Diane Martin, Aalto University

Diane Martin“Sustainable Marketing”

Professor Ove Jakobsen, Bodø

«Ecological Economics»

Diane’s passion for the natural environment and the Earth’s wild places has led her to reexamine marketing in the context of sustainable practices. In her recent textbook, Sustainable Marketing,Diane brings the power of marketing to the problem of how to remain competitive while restoring the Earth’s natural capital and creating greater wellbeing for a global population.

Ove Jakobsen is professor in Ecological Economics at Bodø Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland, where he is leader and co-founder of Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics.  He has published a great number of books and articles in ecological economics and ethics nationally and internationally.
12.30-13.30Conference lunch and mingling
13.30-14.15Panel discussion with questions from responsible consumers in the audience
How can consumers and marketers co-operate in the production and consumption of sustainable marketplace practices?
14.15 –14.30Refreshments
14.30 –15.45Parallel paper sessionParallel paper session
 19.00Conference dinner
Extra-curricularactivities JCombine the conference with the music festival Bergenfest: night outdoor concert with Patti Smithor before dinner Concert with Grammy winner Sam Smith
 Friday, June 12th
9.30-11.00What is going on under the Umbrella of Center for Service Innovation
Facilitator: Director of Partner Relationships Annita Fjuk

09:30-09:45 Innovation for customer value added (Annita Fjuk)
09:45-10:05 Customer engagement with dull services: An experimental study of regulatory fit in social media (Per Egil Pedersen & Birgit Solem)
10:05-10:25 Self-service innovation and digital trust (Siv Skard)
10:25-10:45 Business model innovation (Tina Saebi)
10:45-11:00 Experience centricity – implications for organizational culture (Annita Fjuk in dialogue with Tore Hillestad)
11.00-11.15Refreshment break
11.15 12.00Parallel paper sessionParallel paper session
12.00- 12.30Closing plenary session
Professor Leif Hem
Post doc Siv Skard
Professor Sigurd Troye
12.45Closing lunch